Cold Fusion Italy - who are Andrea Rossi, Sergio Focardi and Francesco Piantelli

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi was experimenting with heating hydrogen and carbon dioxide to make alternative sources of fuel when he stumbled upon an energy source. Noticing the device he’d been working with was creating energy, Rossi began to realize there might be a possible energy source from his invention.

Around the same time, Sergio Focardi was working with nickel-hydrogen reactors. When paired up, the two were able to combine their work to come up with a way to create an alternative source of energy. The two men have invented the Energy Catalyzer, a device that can emit up to 15,000 watts using only 400 watts of input. This device is said to run at approximately one cent per kilowatt hour, while traditional energy sources run at around ten cents per kilowatt hour.

Francesco Piantelli, founder of Nichenergy, gives the appearance of competing with Rossi and Focardi. Nichenergy’s method of achieving energy output also uses nickel to achieve a reaction, but his method relies more on nickel preparation—layering the particles to achieve a reaction.
Like Rossi and Focardi, Francesco Piantelli has applied for patents for his product. An Italian patent application is currently under consideration. The patent application is in Italian, but translators relate that the application describes a reaction after hydrogen absorption by orbital capture. The process, as described in the title of the patent application, involves a metal crystalline nanostructure.

Piantelli’s earlier units reported two to four times energy gain, but new units are underway. According to reports, these new units will have two hundred times energy gained. These units are expected to be completed in the next couple of months.

Piantelli’s method doesn’t require a
catalyst, with the preparation of the nickel causing the reaction. Rossi and Focardi’s method, however, reportedly uses a catalyst to turn nickel into copper, creating energy.
Rossi, an inventor, and Focardi, professor emeritus at the University of Bologna, have been working diligently in a lab powered by one of their devices, to get the first commercially-available Cold Fusion power plant online later this year. Rossi’s method is more Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) than Cold Fusion, but the basic principle of creating energy using radiation-free nuclear reactions is similar.

Francesco Piantelli, also a professor, is said to have originally discovered nickel-hydrogen LENR technology. Piantelli is from Sienna, Italy, and has been discussing his device at conferences alongside Rossi and Focardi. Piantelli is also allegedly working with Roy Virgilio on a book titled (when translated into English), Galileo and the Scientific Method During the Ages.

Is this a war of Italian inventors? Likely not. Rossi is quick to assert that their work is not the same as Piantelli’s, pointing out that Rossi and Focardi are making nuclear reactors, while Piantelli is only focusing on the reactions created during his process.
In fact, Piantelli’s real goal isn’t to change the power structure of the world, as Rossi and Focardi intend to do. Piantelli’s focus is on healthcare. His main focus is in finding a way to convert his research on biophysics into a cure for cancer, stating that he believes he is getting close. After retiring from the University of Siena, he began his cancer research work through his company Centro IMO—with IMO standing for Interactions Molecular Organisms.

Piantelli’s research into Cold Fusion-type technology began while experimenting with cryogenics. He had used liquid helium to chill a device containing nickel-hydrogen and gas when he noticed an energy output from the device. This was several years before the reports on Rossi and Focardi’s work, but while the basic idea may be similar, the processes are completely different. And Rossi and Focardi are creating commercially-available reactors to power the world. Piantelli was merely working with cryogenics.

Three scientists, one life-changing invention. With the science community always working on bettering the world, it’s only natural some basic ideas would cross paths every now and then. But there are so many ways to change the world with science, there’s plenty of room for every idea. Sergio Focardi, Andrea Rossi, and Francesco Piantelli are all making a difference in their own unique ways.

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